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Long-standing communities of gamers are often rare for a variety of reasons. From internal politics to control-obsessed personalities, it is not an easy task to bring together a team of like-minded individuals that share the same passions and goals. At Volund, we approach community management as a learning process with a true wish to work together as a team without ego. We learn, we iterate, we grow, we have fun. That said, real life comes first and we leave the drama where it belongs... elsewhere.

Strategy & Tactics Meet

Our ultimate goal in any supported title is to encourage the highest possible level of organization without sacrificing any ``fun factor``. We know our structure is truly effective when players interested in casual game play can find easy and rewarding ways to participate at a very high level of performance. Competitive by nature, we also understand that real life always comes first. We will never penalize, be critical of, or shame any member of our organization for focusing on real-life events at the expense of gaming. With an average age of four decades amongst our membership, we understand the importance of responsibilities and hectic schedules.

Friendships When You Need Them

We treat others how we would like to be treated ourselves. As a community we do not talk down to our opponents and would rather our weapons do the talking for us if need be. Resting on our laurels is also not a habit, as every objective presents unique and interesting challenges. What we did yesterday matters not, what we do today and tomorrow is how we analyze our game performance. There is no such thing as perfection, but practice and coordinated team effort do a well enough job.

Sharp Minds Matter

Our membership is composed of just about every profession. Business owners, data scientists, physicians, IT gurus, public service, former and active military are just to name a few of the career-minded type of people you will find at Volund. What we are not... is a bunch of pea(cocks) strutting around ruffling our feathers trying to pretend we are anything more. Being secure and happy with yourself along with having the ability to listen and learn from others goes a long way to earn trust and respect with the team. If you are the type that believes you always know better compared to everyone else in the room, this is not the organization for you. If you would like to build your knowledge and contribute to a larger team, all are welcome with open arms.

Positive Leadership Reinforcement

Most gaming organizations promote leadership based on politics, donations, loyalty, or an advanced skill set in one isolated area they believe is important. In all the ways that actually matter, leadership is instead about finding the right people for the right seats and responsibilities, then helping them do their best. Empathy, understanding, and dedication to the people that look to you for inspiration is so much more critical compared to any specific game-related skills. Don't be a jack of all trades, build a team of experts and encourage them to shine with your direction. Your brothers and sisters in arms are always more valuable compared to any in-game asset.

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Volund defines what games we support by member feedback and interest. Generally for a game to be added to our list of supported titles, a small group of players needs to be interested. We look for dedicated adults that can inspire and people can rally behind without being asked to do so. Our game organizers have a plan for a game division, and will be able to succeed in the active game universe.

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